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Yamaha Piano-Kawai Piano

Source: Singapore Online Piano Shop   Published: 12/14/2009 10:53:43 AM   Clicked: 8268

A Piano man answers the question : "Which is the Best Piano ?" Kawai K18 Kawai K25 Kawai K50 upright pianos : Kawai GM10 grand piano
frequently asked by piano buyers considering NEW PIANOS and comparing - Yamaha M112 Yamaha T116 Yamaha U1 upright piano : Yamaha GH1 grand piano  
‹‹‹ Buy a Used Yamaha piano?      ...OzPianoman articles...    A DIGITAL PIANO ? ‹‹‹  Singapore Piano Shop sell used YAMAHA / KAWAI pianos.
There are many difficulties involved in choosing between pianos.
Inevitably, the Big 2 Japanese brands grab the attention of potential piano buyers and the obvious question can’t be avoided ...
So, which is the Best piano - Yamaha or Kawai ?
I mean, who Can you trust ???
"The man in the Yamaha store told me Kawai is using plastic parts."
So what do they say at the Kawai shop, dear ?
"They said to watch out for those Yamaha’s made in Indonesia - they’re full of PLASTIC !
Sales people know full well that where authentic* models are concerned, there’s no way they can legitimately persuade a buyer that either product is better, or worse than the other. ( * Authentic = "Decent" : Professional pianos & semi-prof models as opposed to entry level cheap ones.
I remain unconvinced about Chinese/Japanese pianos and those made outside of Japan !)
Our focus here is Quality products, fully Japanese made, authentic Yamaha and Kawai pianos from the two great names.
Dedicated piano makers delivering highly respected instruments - both competing for top billing.
Now then . . . what was I recommending here?
Ah yes. Which brand of piano to Buy !
Doesn’t much matter actually. Flip a coin ... They’re that close, I reckon.   COMPARE !
We teach piano.
Christine & I own a couple of Yamahas. And a couple of Kawais too.
Fact is - I can’t fault any of them.
They’ve all been in use for 15 years or more in our teaching studios and nothing ever goes wrong.
Occasional tuning required. That’s easy for us; I’m a Piano Tuner as well.
No repairs needed yet. Unaffected by weather changes here.
No breakdowns to report, No sticky keys. And all of ours hold their tuning very well indeed. Marvellous!
Standing proudly alongside the Kawai Grand is our 1907 German hand made beauty; Its stately look and glorious sound inviting comparison. Scintillating. Big, dramatic tone.
Such power ! So loud. A bass that absolutely growls...
Starting to look a little shabby, it’s true.
Well, 102 years old, original ivory keys - and just about everything else original too.
One of this quality will likely cost you around the price of a new Kawai or Yamaha.
Comprehensive warranties available? Not very likely - but having lasted this long, many are good for another century or so . . . 
On the other hand -
for most musicians/piano buyers the built-in-reliability of Japanese made instruments is a foregone conclusion.
It’s pretty much a risk free purchase and excellent factory-warranty provisions apply.
So there ’tis. OzPianoman says :
Buy yourself a good Japanese made piano. Relax and enjoy.
Messrs YAMAHA and KAWAI . .. "Having played for more than half a century I would like to sincerely compliment you both for the fine products you have given the world."
Yes folks, OzPianoman supports them both  Kawai and Yamaha. Equally !
For the same brands, good USED ones (recent models) have long had my vote as being the most sensible way to go... But things do change !
Ask me about a NEW Kawai K25 and I’ll give you some good reasons to seriously consider not buying a Used piano.
SAVE !!!
We don’t buy and sell Pianos -
but if you want to save serious Money, you’d be crazy not to talk to me first.
Singapore Piano Shop sell used YAMAHA / KAWAI pianos.
No matter where you live... if you’re ready to buy ANY piano, make sure you don’t put a deposit on it until you’ve heard my recommendations

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