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New Yamaha Grand Pianos

Source: Singapore Online Piano Shop   Published: 12/14/2009 8:47:21 PM   Clicked: 7064

Each Yamaha grand piano is designed to deliver the optimum performance for its size; this is achieved through careful selection of materials used from around the word.
The soundboard design, string configuration, hammer-felt density, the weight of the keys and action, everything from case part materials, soundboard wood, strings and hammer-felt all are balance to provide harmony throughout the piano.
Yamaha grand’s also use the *Duplex scaling system utilising the non-’speaking’ lengths of the strings to enrich primary and secondary harmonics thus providing a richer, fuller sound in the top treble. (*All Yamaha Grand’s use Duplex scaling except GA1, GB1)

Yamaha GB1 Grand
Elegantly styled and carefully crafted, Yamaha ’baby grands’ are designed to fit easily into limited spaces and budgets without sacrificing the superior musical performance for which all Yamaha grands are renowned. Now with soft-close fall keyboard lid.

Yamaha GC1 Grand
The beautiful new GC1M combines the duplex scaling and rich tonal character of the coveted C1 grand with cost-saving advantages in materials and production to create an instrument that’s both expressive and uncommonly affordable.

Yamaha A1 Grand
Benefiting from ongoing refinements, today’s A1 grands integrate a host of recent Yamaha advances.  A baby grand that takes quality to the extreme; perfect for a wide variety of pianists.

Yamaha C1 Grand
Conservatory Classic Collection Grand Piano - Designed primarily for performance, recording, and music school use. Compact size means that the C1 is ideal for smaller rooms.

Yamaha C2 Grand
Ivorite® and wood composite keyboard. Though compact in size, the extended length of the C2 affords it a deep, beautiful tone.

Yamaha C3 Grand
Transparent reverberation and lush harmonics mean enable the C3 to fulfil the stringent requirements of the professional performer for fine expressive control.

Yamaha C5 Grand
Yamaha’s small concert hall Grand Piano Greater string length than C5M produces superior dynamic range and greater resonance.

Yamaha C6 Grand
Yamaha’s medium concert hall Grand Piano Greater string length than C6M produces superior dynamic range and greater resonance.

Yamaha C7 Grand
7’ 6" Concert Collection Grand Piano - Appearing on famous concert stages, international competitions and prestigious music events throughout the concert world.

Yamaha S4B Grand
Each S4B grand piano is individually hand crafted in the Yamaha concert grand workshop, using only the very finest materials to achieve optimum performance.

Yamaha S6B Concert Grand
Superbly handcrafted instruments of singular eloquence. Larger than the S4, the S6 is perfect for both practicing at home and recitals in small venues.

Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand
Ultimate exemplar of a proud piano heritage, the CFIIIS concert grand is prized by performers and performing arts centres around the world.

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