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Piano Moving, Delivery & Transportation

Source: Singapore Online Piano Shop   Published: 12/15/2009 9:16:55 AM   Clicked: 14211

If you wat to arrange piano moving / delivery / transportation / removal, please feel free to contact us.
We have been moving pianos for over 10 years. Our trained staff and equipment will pick up and deliver your piano safely in a enclosed lorry with a tale gate lift, All pianos are sheeted with quilted covers and for grands we use a grand sledge as well. We also manufacture our own moving equipment which can be purchased from our web site.
We are experts in piano moving and are recommended by dealers, universities and piano tuners who rely on our expertise when they have pianos to move. Piano dealers also recommended us their clients when they move house, as not all house removal companies undertake piano removals.
Pianos are extremely heavy! Singapore Piano Shop sell used YAMAHA / KAWAI pianos.
The average upright weighs from three hundred to five hundred pounds, full-size uprights at about seven hundred, but sometimes as much a thousand pounds. Grands vary from about five hundred to a thousand pounds, a concert grand can weigh as much as thirteen hundred pounds.
Pianos are not the easiest pieces of furniture to move, but a little preplanning and a lot of manpower can get the job done.
There are plenty of legitimate reasons to dread the thought of moving a piano. A piano is almost always very heavy for its size, cannot be dismantled and reassembled easily, and must be transported with extreme care. Pianos may have wheels, but they will not bend around corners or magically float above staircases. Moving a piano successfully usually involves a lot of manpower and a substantial amount of preplanning to avoid tight spots. Here are some tips for moving a piano with a minimum of problems:
1. Forewarned is forearmed. If at all possible, scout out the entire route of the move, from the current position of the piano all the way to its final resting place. Use a tape measure to get the dimensions of the piano and any doorway or staircase along the way. Look for any obstructions which may prevent the piano from moving smoothly- broken sidewalks, soft ground, locked doors, etc. Imagine how close a truck or moving van may be placed to the piano and how close it can get to the final destination. If one or both buildings have specific hours for public access, plan your move accordingly. If the move seems especially difficulty, you may have to rent special equipment such as a crane or hydraulic lifter.
2. Check the piano for structural damage before moving. If the wheels do not operate properly or are missing, moving the piano may require more planning and a few additional parts. Use the same approach as you would to move a large couch or heavy appliance. Furniture sliders may take the place of broken wheels, or the entire piano may be lifted onto a flat handtruck. Orientation is vitally important when moving most pianos- upright pianos prefer to remain vertical and grand styles prefer to remain horizontal. Flipping a piano on its side may solve a sticky moving situation, but the internal mechanisms will often suffer. Keep an upright piano upright on the truck and strap it down to prevent shifting. Grand style pianos may require large moving vans to maintain proper orientation.
3. Always overestimate the manpower needed. One person might be able to move a rehearsal piano from a backstage area to the main stage, but at least two would be required for a grand piano on wheels. Estimate at least four strong movers for a standard upright piano. Extra volunteers can clear a path or step in for tricky maneuvers. Many uprights have handles built into the back for moving purposes, but they aren't always practical. Ramps and inclined planes should be used instead of muscle power whenever possible, especially when loading and unloading a truck. Stairs are always going to be a problem for piano movers, but you might be able to rig a ramp system to make the job easier. Most of the manpower should be used to counteract gravity or negotiate tight corners. Make sure every mover involved has an escape route before attempting a move around a corner or up a set of stairs.
4. Bring all accessories and lighter parts first. Objects like benches, covers, musical stands and other accessories can be brought up separately before the main piano arrives. This is especially important if the piano is traveling a great distance. Moving a heavy piano is almost always hard and exhausting work for movers, and the last thing they'll want to do is drive all the way back for small pieces. Volunteers without the strength to lift the piano itself can help set up the area before the major move begins.

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