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Store of Steinway Pianos

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The World's Finest Pianos
Singapore piano shop offer an extensive selection of new and used pianos from The Family of Steinway Designed Pianos.
Selecting a piano is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and deserves much consideration. You owe it to yourself to research your options and choose the very best piano you can afford. It is easy to find a piano that costs less than a Steinway, but it is impossible to find a piano that will offer more heritage, more renown or a greater return on investment.
Since 1853, Steinway pianos have been the instrument of choice for performing artists, and we have built our name and our reputation on a commitment to one simple word: quality. Steinway pianos are far more than instruments - they're investment - worth, exquisitely crafted family heirlooms to be treasured and enjoyed for generations to come.
“Build the best piano possible.”
“Sell it at the lowest price consistent with quality."
- Henry Engelhard Steinway, Founder of Steinway & Sons

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